Sports Spread Betting

The Internet makes our lives very comfortable, whether it be from placing sports bets to buying a car. It has also been a great medium for online sports betting. The wealth of information that’s readily available has helped sports bettors make more informed decisions. In the old days, you were limited to whatever you heard on the street.

Zurich Premiership takes a look at all things sports betting related BUT with an emphasis on betting systems. One of the most important betting systems to understand is spread betting.

It may be surprising to learn very few online casinos offer sports spreading betting. I was indeed surprised to learn this fact when researching for our website. I am reliably informed that sports spread betting relies on in play live betting which for many online casinos is technically very difficult. It takes the likes of Betfair or William Hill online casino to offer a comprehensive collection of tools and products which would ultimately facilitate spread betting. We aren’t talking about one or two simple, “vanilla bets”.

It is therefore essential we help you understand how to bet on sports but also which online casino UK reviews to trust. A lot of these online casino reviews are written to entice you to deposit and play with little thought.

How Does Sports Spread Betting Work?

To some people sports spread betting seems like the most complicated thing. Mostly it’s because you don’t have any fixed odds to decide your win or loss. You are betting against the movement of the game, by a range. And because of that, people find it difficult to calculate. But, if you will read this post thoroughly, that will not be the case anymore. Let us discuss what is it actually and how does it work?

What Is Sports Spread Betting?

Usually, when you bet in a game, you know beforehand what you stand to win or lose. It is fixed-stake with specified odds. You know how much profit you will earn based on the odds and how much you will lose if the odds don’t work in your favour.

Sports spread betting is an alternative to that. Here you don’t bet on the basis of odds, but instead, bet on whether the outcome of the game will be above or below the ‘spread’ or range offered. This range is the firm’s prediction of the game, and betters are betting against this prediction. Thus, there are two ways – you either ‘buy’ the bet that the result of the game will be higher than the top value of the spread or you ‘sell’ that the result of the game will be lower than the bottom value.

At the time of placing the bet, there are no pre-conceived win or loss values. You are rewarded for how right you are and punished depending on the number of points you are wrong by.

How are spread bets calculated?

The best way to explain this is by example. We will use football because that is a sports everyone understands.
Suppose, the prediction by sports spread betting firm is like this:

Manchester United points: 76-77

This means that you are predicting whether the team will finish with more than 77 points or less than 76 points. Here 77 becomes your buying price, and 76 becomes your selling price. Now, if you buy the spread at $10 per point and Manchester United makes 84 points in the game, then you win £65. That is £10 for every point and £5 for half a point. But if they make 74 points, you lose £35.

If spreadbetting is not your thing, why not try fantasy premier league instead.

Similarly, if you sell at £10 per point and the team makes less than 76 points in the game, then you win. Suppose if they finish with 70 points, then you win £60, but if they make 80 points, you lose £40. Another type of football sports spread betting is based on player goal minutes. And this is very popular too. In this type, at the end of the match, the times when goals were scored are added up. And you buy or sell the total of these times. So if the given range is 45-50 and the player’s scores goals at the 15th minute and 45th minute of the game the total becomes 60. If you buy the spread, you win. But if the player scores a goal only in the 15th minute, you lose.

Like any form of betting, it can be costly if you don’t understand it. It is pure maths and a little history research. If you understand it, there is no stopping you. You can win hundreds sometimes thousands of dollars.

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