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esports betting

Esports betting in the UK is a well-known topic and something some of you have been using for years. So what it is actually? This is the online type of betting on esports or game tournaments. Here we can see Counter Strike, Call Of Duty, etc. so you can understand why this is actually. There are no limits, and there are countless possibilities. Each person can choose a sport he prefers and bet almost instantly. Of course, there are the best betting providers which must be taken into consideration as well.

Is esports betting legal in the United Kingdom?

The shortest answer we can give to you is yes, it is entirely legal. The only requirement there is we can see in the form of age. All participants must be aged 18 or older. There is no other limitations or conditions for that matter.

This is an excellent region for esports, and we can see that the popularity of this type of betting began in 2005 when the country brought the Gambling Act 2005 to law. It is used in England, Scotland and Wales. Ever since then, the online betting community has been growing and developing the skills. Even now, this area in the world is known as the fastest growing when it comes to esports.

There is no need to tell you that all deposit and payment providers and game providers, in fact, are regulated by law, and they must offer safe and reliable services. In other words, this form of betting is legal and safe, like any other form of gambling you can find at the moment.

Impressive statistics are associated with the esports and the UK

We mentioned that esports betting is more than just popular in the United Kingdom. You should know that there are more than 3.3 million users at the moment and most of them are 21-35 years of age. An interesting fact is that 31% of them are female.
The United Kingdom is the fifth largest gaming community and consumer area in the world. Almost 9% of adults are associated with the esport betting, and this number is continually increasing.

The most popular game is Counter-Strike, and 50% of esports fans are associated with this game. Almost all of them are age 30 or younger. We should add that there are 40% of professional gamers who play this game. The second bets are the League of Legends. Sadly, there is no accurate statistics at the moment.

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The final word

Esports betting the UK is something that is more than just beneficial and important. It is the ultimate type of betting on something we all like, games! All you will have to know is that this form of betting is legal and there are a lot of providers who are regulated by the law. It is safe as well, and there are no limits you will have to consider. Keep in mind that this may be the next best thing in modern betting.

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